cherri !

ENFP ⁞ 6w5 ⁞ 16 ⁞ HE/THEY/XE/+

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:(( pls tw //
jumpscares, character deaths (especially faves), choking, su!c!de, gr^^ming, s3xuall assault/s3xual abuse

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dnfi :
you fall under the standard dnfi criteria, ship, tolerate or support things such as incest, abuse, and pedophilia, invalidate he/they lesbians and she/they gays, you support bi/pan lesbians, you are anti xenogenders & neopronouns

byf :
i keyboard smash a lot, curse a lot, not spoiler free, i'm rt heavy
if we're not close please use tone indicators when talking to me.
i have a habit of changing subjects quickly when conversing!! i try my best to stay on topic!

kins !! ; helix , aether, kaeya, venti, tartaglia, sucrose, razor, paimon, scaramouche, hero, basil, omori/sunny, zack fair, reno, natsuhiko, kou, tsukasa yugi. shin tsukimi (sou), reki, miya, joe

comforts !! ; kaeya, razor, venti, klee, childe, bennett, basil, keiji shinogi, shin tsukimi, gin, kanna, tsukasa, kou, mitsuba (all my kins r automatically my comforts btw)

friends!! (=^‥^=)

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